ROBERT PEHRSSONS HUMBUCKER did it: The debut album, released 8. November, is receiving affirmative reviews all the way. The exeptional artist managed to have the record „Album of the Month“ in the december issue of Germany’s Rock Hard magazine, topping the “soundcheck” list. And even more artists we care for made it into the “soundcheck” top ten: TAD MOROSE #4 and IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC #6!

This is what Rock Hard says about Robert Pehrssons Humbucker:

”A solo album (…) that will bring tears of joy to the eyes of fans of characteristic Swedish high-energy rock”
Rock Hard (9.5/10)

Furthermore, other reviews praise the Swedish rocker to the skies as well!

”Rober Pehrsson has become a real authority in Swedish Rock’n’Roll”

„With the 1970s in mind, a distinctive affection for Thin-Lizzy and an almost brazen sense for hook lines, this not so old Swede serves a Classic Rock dinner that puts a smile on every Hellacopters’ fan’s face (…) A true revelation!!“
GUITAR (4/5)

Claiming that PEHRSSON’s first record might be the best Scandinavian classic rock album in at least a decade seems not overstated at all – given the shear brilliance of this material.
LEGACY (14/15)

”Haunt My Mind“, the video clip for the first single by Robert Pehrssons Humbucker already premiered exclusively on ROCKHARD.DE!
Follow the link to watch: