The masters are finished and all the songs have been sent to High Roller Records. I’m really pleased with how the whole process of mixing and mastering came out. The completed songs now sound so much better then the rough mixes I have up here, so I think I have to take the rough one’s down. I don’t want people to get the wrong idea how this album is gonna sound!

Kristian Ekeblom is working on the artwork right now. We started with a logo Nicke Andersson made for me and now we have almost everything completed. HRR put the artwork up together with the track listing so I thought I’d do the same. Cover photo by Eneko Garcia Ureta (

Haunt My Mind
Keep Me In Your Heart
Can’t Change
Running For Shelter
Wasted Time
Mesmerizing Shadows
Who Else Is On Your Mind
Falling Into Darkness

The release date is yet to be announced. HRR will of course need some time to set everything up for the release. Will let you know asap.

I think you will recognize a lot of the names of the guys who helped me out recording and playing on this one:

Nicke Andersson
Tomas Eriksson
Joseph Tholl
Robert Eriksson
Johannes Borgström
Dolf De Borst
Fred Estby
Johan Bäckman
Olle Dahlstedt
Peter Stjärnvind

All the bands these fine men have been in involved with is to many to namedropp, but here’s a few to give you an idea: Imperial State Electric, Entombed, The Datsuns, Merciless, Nifelheim, The Hellacopters, Captain Murphy, Black Trip, Necrocurse, Enforcer, The Solution, Dismember, Dagger and the list goes on… I thank every one of them for supporting me and joining me on this album. Thanks guys!